About Us

Making known God’s love and grace through relevant, timely and engaging materials such as videos, films, music, artworks, books, and various shows produced by the Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church and ministries.

Just like how a single ray of light broken through a prism would burst into a spectrum of colors; the Word of God is practical and relevant in every aspect of life. Through this vast array of media offerings, we hope to deliver blessings to your life in however way it is relevant for you.



With the Lighthouse Spectrum, you have free access to a digital archive of original content produced by the Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church and its ministries where you can find powerful messages, uplifting films, or inspiring music that will surely strengthen your faith.

You can choose from a selection of preaching videos, talk shows, devotionals, kids’ shows, movies, and even music videos.


The Lighthouse Spectrum offers Spectrum TV – a 24/7 Digital TV where you can watch an assortment of video content at any time of the day! All you need is your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection and you can already watch for free!


The Lighthouse Spectrum has an array of digital content suitable for any age group, gender and lifestage needs. Through our shows, we want to inculcate timeless truths and moral values that we all need in our daily lives.

Download the Lighthouse Spectrum today and let us know how you appreciated God’s grace in your life through this mobile app!

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